best of exo: layhan’s game of charades 

the exo hyungs acting childish as usual over a claw plushie. chen on the other hand doesn’t care for it lol

happy birthday to exo-m’s lead vocal/dancer, luhan!! you perfect handsome gorgeous sexy flawless adorable little prince /these are all understatements/ sobs i love you so much thank you for being born 

(´∀`)♡ Happy Birthday Luhan!♔ 04/20

[Luhan’s Birthday Party] When Luhan wiped his eyes with a wet tissue after being sprayed at, he opened his eyes really big and Baekhyun commented from the side: “Ah, (he’s) really perfect~!”

cr: 牙1127

130314 Luhan hiting chanyeol’s cap + Chanyeol kicking Luhan 

luhan wanting to touch his yixing, but yixing doesn’t want~

tao hits luhan’s thigh so he decides to step on tao’s foot